Valley Springs farm has a simple boarding model:   We have only 15 horses at our stables and the horses are allowed to be horses. By that I mean that your horse is not confined to a 10 x 12 stall where all kinds of bad things can develop.  The horses can be inside the barn if they want but most choose to hang out under the lean-to on the south side of the barn or run around in the large paddock areas.  Horses are kept in groups of no larger than four horses per group.  The barn is equipped with automatic, heated waterers so they can go in and out of the barn for water when they want.
    We are quite different from the dormitory barns which hold 40, 60, or more horses in small confinement stalls or pens. With such a small number of spacious suites, each horse at Valley Springs Farm is assured a comfortable, personal stay. We are proud that Valley Springs Farm is one of the smallest, most personal boarding facilities in the Southeast South Dakota, Southwest Minnesota and Northwest Iowa area.

    We feed horses twice a day; once in the morning, (hay only), and again in the evening, (hay and grain).  We feed 1/4 small square bale of hay per horse in the morning and again in the evening so every horse gets approximately 25 pounds of high quality hay every day.  We do not buy our hay  We grow all of our own hay so we know that the hay we feed is of the very best quality.  Approximately one pound of sweet feed per horse is fed in the evening.  Many of our boarders have me add either supplements, meds or other feed additives to their horse's barn grain ration.  All fencing is Electro-Braid electric, which is considered to be the safest fence for horses.

Barn hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week
We ask that you abide by our barn rules which are reasonable and easy to follow
You can use your own favorite vet or farrier
You will have your own area in the tack room for your saddle and supplies
Always ride safe and have your horse under control
If your horse makes a mess, clean it up.  We all work together to keep our barn neat and clean.
If you see anything that's unsafe or needs attention, contact Denny.

Boarding Requirements
    All horses must have current shots and a vet check to ensure overall good health and soundness.  No stallions please.  Horses must be sound physically and mentally.  We will not be able to board your horse if he/she shows aggressive or unsafe behavior to people or the other horses.  New horses will be individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the community.

$300.00 per month + $13.50 tax - all inclusive

   Stalls are 10' x 12' and have rubber mat over granite-dust footing.  Horses are put in the barn during bad weather but are otherwise free to go in and out of their stalls from the paddocks at will. Stalls are cleaned daily and as a rule the boarders all help to clean our barn clean and safe by sweeping the alleyway and keeping tack put away.

​​​​​​​​Valley Springs Farm, LLC.

     At Valley Springs Farm we raise all of our own hay.  We put up, on a yearly average, approximately 3,200 small square bales of grass/alfalfa mix hay from 30 acres of hay ground on our property.  All of the hay is stored inside the barn to protect from the elements.

     By putting up our own hay we are assured of feeding only the highest quality hay to our boarding guests.  Hay is fed in inverted tractor tires with a maximum of 4 horses per tire so everyone gets his or her share of hay.

Boarding Services